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Nature and mental health
Journeys & workshops among trees with professionals

Research has proven what we all knew, that being in nature has a positive impact on people. We combine the benefits of nature with the expert approach of our psychologists and therapists. We accompany clients on their journey of growth and allow them to experience themselves. We are psychologists and therapists who have decided to enrich our services with the benefits of nature and movement. Our goal is to spread mental health through nature. In addition to traditional individual therapy, we take our clients into nature.

We change walls for trees! We combine the benefits of therapy, walking and nature.

Journey with a proffesional

Each of us has been stuck or depressed and didn't know what to do... As you journey with your therapist, you take back the reins of your life. You'll figure things out that would otherwise take you a much longer time to figure out.

Workshops & teambuildings

The team consists of individuals. It is important to take care of each individual and the whole team. That's why you will learn with us ways to improve your focus, reduce the stress you experience, increase your performance and generally be more resilient and balanced.

Journey for kids

With ubiquitous technology, not only are we increasingly alienated from nature, but so are our children. We educate through experiences. We help children find their relationship with nature and their mental health through tailored programs.

Why among trees

Being in the forest is beneficial for our health. We slow down, we think more clearly. 93% of the time we spend enclosed in buildings or vehicles. Just a two-hour disconnect from technology in nature is enough to calm us down. That’s why we go for at least three hours of enriching therapeutic work.

Being in nature supports our immunity. Both activity and white blood cell count increase.

Let's our clients

Therapy among trees was very beneficial for me, walking in the forest my thoughts started to come naturally and I spoke without a single feeling of shame or embarrassment. Adam was very kind and helpful, I got the answers I needed and much more. I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a challenging life situation or just groping for where to go next. Thank you.
Dominik was really helpful and supportive. I wouldn't image I can feel such a relief after few hours being and being warmly accepted as I am.
We have been working with Therapy Among the Trees for about a year during Health Days, when they provide lectures and workshops on various topics related to mental health. Recently, Adam gave a workshop at our Preventing Burnout Syndrome conference. We are pleased with his work.
Mr. Adam was helpful in everything. We even went accompanied by my dog. He listened to me on the way, sometimes directing questions so that I could go more in depth on certain topics. The choice of the path through the forest was also left up to me, reflecting to some extent the topics discussed and my current inner state of mind. It is nice to know that in the Czech Republic there is this form of psychotherapy in nature, with which we are all connected. I heartily recommend it to all those seeking help and support.
The journey brought me great relief. In the sense that before the trip I had a great sense of pressure, confusion, fear - I simply felt like my head was going to explode from it all. I was very relieved because I was finally able to communicate my feelings to someone and be heard without any judgement. I also understood a lot of the things that were going on inside of me, because I think certain things need to be said out loud to be understood. Christine was very nice and friendly. I felt like I was talking to my friend. She was very understanding.


Adam Táborský

+420 723017336
adam@terapiemezistromy.cz Terapie mezi stromy s.r.o. Číslo účtu: 2201907062/2010

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