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Explore your inner world through nature and guidance

Embark on a journey with a therapist. We’re here for you. You clear your head and find the inner motivation for the necessary change. You can use the experineced atmosphere for your personal growth. The journey through nature has scientifically proven positive effects such as reducing stress and improving health overall.

I am stuck en
Sometimes everyone does not know how to do it. Some are slapping, some are stepping on, some are drowning ... Together we will take the reins in our own hands. Let's get started.
I walk
We walk among the trees and dive into thinking, experiencing and behaving. What we like, what we regret, what we are afraid to look at from a different perspective.
I solve
Experience a feeling of your own competence. You will get to your experience or you will learn to regulate it. You will get closer to yourself.

Why with us?

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Your experience

1. Choice

We can talk about anything, but it's up to you what we start with. Let's frame the trip before we go.

2. Path to yourself

We can walk, we can stand, we can sit, we can eat. The journey is yours. We are here with you.

3. Closure

In the summary email you will receive the insights you have come up with. Inspiration for next steps and a set of ways to take care of yourself.

For whom?

The journey is not just for those who don’t know how to continue. It serves to move forward. Paths are not a last resort to solve your problems. They are the first and for everyone!


Usually around Prague, Brno, Pardubice. Together we will choose the difficulty and length of the route to your satisfaction.

With whom?

Our guides draw on their training, experience and different psychotherapeutic orientations.

Our approach

Shinrin yoku

Shinrin yoku or forest bath originates from Japan and improves mental and physical health by connecting with nature. It brings a solution to anyone who wants to calm the mind, restore inner well-being, relax and improve their life and health. With shinrin yoku you will engage all your senses, slow down and begin to notice what you have not been able to.


Psychotherapy helps us to realize that we have a disposition, so that we can constantly work on ourselves, to improve something. It helps us to correct and fulfil our expectations.


We focus our attention on the present moment without judgment, evaluation and expectation. By experiencing the here and now, we get in touch with ourselves, with what we are experiencing. We gain distance, insight and greater control over what is happening in and around us. Together with inhaling and exhaling, we free ourselves from unhelpful habits and open the door to new possibilities.


Life consists of a plethora of sub-goals. For the purpose of personal development, we focus on the process of “Getting from place to place.” We will look at the present with the help of the guide’s mirror and feedback.

Growth Mindset

“Change is possible.” Our attitude and the way we approach life is not an immutable constant, but a cluster of experiences and personality assumptions that are malleable. With the understanding that through patience, learning and working on ourselves we can move in the desired direction (the direction we set), it actually happens.