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Ronen Berger:
How can we use arts to help people and communities deal with stress and trauma

How can we use the arts to help people express themselves, widen perspectives and develop ?
In what ways can protest art be used with big groups and communities after collective trauma and loss?
What is the unique contributions of creative work to ease stress and help people cope with uncertainty, stress and trauma?
This workshop will provide practitioner with conceptual and practical knowledge that can enrich their work with people dealing with stress and trauma. Relating to his last and 5th book “arts therapy in a changing world” and the innovative method “from frustration to creation” Dr. Berger will teach us how simple creation process such as spoken word, rap and graphite can be used with individuals, groups and communities fostering expression, a sense of belonging, widening perspectives while developing flexibility and copping strategies.

Ronen Berger. PhD

Ronen Berger. PhD A senior Drama Therapist and Nature Therapist, supervisor and lecture. Former director of the Nature Therapy program, Tel Aviv University and of the Drama Therapy MA program, Ono academic College, Israel. Directs the Play Therapy program, part of the education MA program, Ono Academic College, Israel and a visiting professor at Prague University of Economics and Business. Published many articles and 5 books, held many conferences. Ronen developed the Nature Therapy framework as well as few art based therapeutic methods that are taught and used around the world.

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